Party Line

The Party Line Online Slots

Playtech’s Party Line online slots game is as simple as it is entertaining. With only one pay line, players can enjoy lining up some bright party props in correct combinations to be rewarded with high pay-outs.

Although simple in nature, this slot offers a refreshing break from the over complicated slots offerings currently on the online casino scene.  Simplicity as the forefront and only sporting a few betting options and no bonus games, this slot still packs a punch with a line bet multiplier jackpot of 4 000 times.

A Theme To Celebrate

Party Line slots is a fun and colourful online slot which boasts party decorated reels, three in total, with an easy-to-read pay table nestled above the reel grids. Adding to the virtual festivities, the pay table also flashes brightly throughout gameplay.

The blue and purple backdrop visual is jam-packed to the brim with brightly coloured party balloons and party hats delicately delighting other spaces around the screen.

The Party Line online slot also comes with a fun and festive soundtrack to immerse players into its virtual realm and get them in a festive, celebratory mood.

Some of the symbols on the reels include different style and coloured cocktails, piano keys, a saxophone, party hats decorated with ribbons and a boom box radio to round off the themed symbol collection.

Suitable For New Players

Those new to slots will find comfort in this simple Party Line online slots game, with not that many additional screens to confuse gameplay, too many rules to confuse a player and complicated in-game processes to derail a player’s gameplay and focus.

Straightforward betting

With only one pay line, setting up real money play is pretty straightforward and all players need to do is decide on what coin value per spin they prefer. Coin values on the Party Line slots machine range from 0.01 coins to 0.03 coins. Once the coin value is chosen, players can then choose between using one, two or three coins per spin.

Playing in maximum mode means that symbol combinations are tripled while playing with two coins means winnings are doubled. Players receive the ratio of pay-outs according to their total wager amount.

Sit, Back, Relax

Like many other slots from this developer, the Party Line online slots game features an auto play option where players can sit back, relax and watch the spins turn automatically for a certain amount of times. However, playing on the manual mode is more fun and all players need to do is click the spin button.

Symbol Pay-Outs Discussed

When a player lands three different cocktails on the reels, they will be rewarded with either five, 10 or 15 times their bet amount.  Three yellow cocktail symbols on the reel will reward players with either 20, 40 or 60 times their initial wager. Moving up the pay table, players landing three blue cocktails on the reels will pay out 40, 80 or 120 times their original wager.

Three red cocktails sitting together on the reels will pay out 60, 120 or 180 times the bet. On the upper end of the pay table, three boom box radios across the reels will pay out 100, 200 or 300 times the bet amount.

On the Party Line online slots game, a bet will be multiplied by 250, 500 or 700 times respectively if one, two or three piano keys sit on the reels. Landing three saxophones on the reels will multiply the bet 1500, while three party hats will multiply the bet by a whopping 4000 times.