Mummy Slot Alternatives

Alternatives to The Mummy Slot

The Mummy was a huge blockbuster, and now Aristocrat has recreated the excitement in a Slots machine of the same name. It is currently only available at land-based casinos, but there are several other branded games offering the same kind of atmosphere and entertainment online. To find out the best ones to start with, check out the collection of Mummy Slot alternatives listed below.

The Mummy by Playtech

Playtech is known for creating quality branded Slots games in the online arena, and the company has done so again here. As Mummy Slot alternatives go it’s not really possible to find a closer fit than a game that is based on the same franchise. This offering features all the same characters, as well as 25 paylines and a Free Spins round.


This is another well-rendered and engaging offering from the Playtech studio, and offers really solid playing action. The visuals are simpler than some other Mummy Slot alternatives, but the gameplay is very similar and more than makes up for this.

Iron Man 2

Iron Man 2 is yet another Playtech release on the list of branded Mummy Slot alternatives available online. Like the other Playtech games mentioned above, this one has betting options and features that are similar to Aristocrat’s The Mummy and make them good alternative options. However, Iron Man 2 has the extra parallel of offering a Progressive Bonus in the same way that the land-based The Mummy does. By linking the prize pots of several machines together, Aristocrat’s game and Iron Man 2 are both able to offer much bigger potential wins than any stand-alone machine ever could, which adds more excitement when spinning the reels.

NetEnt’s Creature from the Black Lagoon

This is one of NetEnt’s first branded releases. It offers a correspondingly large array of features and the same creepy atmosphere as The Mummy, along with 20 paylines. The video clips and other immersive features make it one of the best Mummy Slot alternatives for those looking to recreate the action of Aristocrat’s land-based game.

Plenty to Explore

After sampling the Mummy Slot alternatives above, players may want to carry on with them or look around for even more options. There are already several other online Slots games that evoke a similar atmosphere or offer similar features, betting options or rewards, and more are being rolled out all the time. The best way to investigate these is to find some online review sites, message boards and chatrooms that are trustworthy, and check out what is said or recommended there.

Players can choose what to try for themselves based on what they read, and then should always ply in a no-deposit Free Play mode first, if possible. This will give them a good idea of the game and they can decide whether they want to place real money bets on it. If they do want to spin for cash, the Free Play mode is also a great want to practice and improve winning chances. There is always something new to discover, which should keep experiences fresh for players – and keep them busy as well.